If you are planning on selling your home and are looking for a quick way to give it and equity boost (and make the property more marketable), you may want to consider having your driveway or sidewalk power washed. This is the only tried and true way to remove years of dirt and grime buildup. A new look can help you achieve amazing results, and that is what Parking Lot Specialties is all about! Call your trusted Des Moines parking lot contractor today to see how we can promote your bottom line.

If Parking Lot Specialists does not perform the service you are looking for, we work hand-in-hand with numerous contractors that do seal-coating, asphalt overlay, concrete mud-jacking, etc. Whatever your project needs are, you can rest assured we will help see them through to completion.


It is so important to seal control and expansion joints of our pavement.

Power Washing

Cleaning and Power Washing – Parking Lot Specialties cleans sidewalks, and of course, driveways. Our team members will take the time to meticulously spray the surface, making sure to not miss a spot.

Concrete Repair

We are equipped to handle most minor concrete repair jobs and can help make slabs safer by grinding down uneven or raised edges.

Basketball Courts & Playgrounds

We now offer basketball court and playground painting.