Polyurethane and regular Joint Sealing – As we like to call it, this is Parking Lot Specialty’s cream and butter. It is what we know best and what we have performed successfully for countless numbers of clients. The process entails using a walk-behind saw to cut through the existing concrete joints and remove any and all debris that is trapped beneath the surface via pressurized air. Once this is done, we install a closed cell backer rod for added support and end by applying a water-proof sealant to prevent erosion. The polyurethane method is performed the same way, though the cold applied two-component cold pour Polurethane sealant forms a stronger bond.

Banning – This refers to a form of asphalt crack sealing. Before filling the gaps with Hot Pour Sealant, all debris and vegetation growth is removed with pressurized air. Once the sealant is in place and has had time to cure, we spray the entire surface with detack chemical to prevent any possible tracking that could occur.

Sandblasting, Parking Block and Speed Bump Installation, Patch Repair and more! – We aren’t lying when we say we are a leading Des Moines parking lot contractor. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

Install Bollads – Install Steel Bollads that are used to protect buildings, trash enclosures, parking lot signs, etc. from vehicular damage.

Parking Blocks – Install and pin Pre Cast Concrete, Recycled Plastic or Rubber parking blocks

Speed Bump – Install plastic, rubber speed bumps

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