Parking Lot Specialties offers a wide range of commercial concrete services in Des Moines and Central Iowa. We like to think the work we do serves more than just a functional purpose. Sure, a chipped up surface can be harmful on your vehicle’s tires and pose a safety hazard for your customers, but it can also just be unsightly. You would be amazed at how new your company’s façade will look with a fresh coat of paint on the lot. Striping the lines can make it more appealing to customers and thus make your business appear more professional. We all know how important a great first impression is, and in this economy, businesses everywhere should be doing all they can do to outdo their competition.

If Parking Lot Specialists does not perform the service you are looking for, we work hand-in-hand with numerous contractors that do seal-coating, asphalt overlay, concrete mud-jacking, etc. Whatever your project needs are, you can rest assured we will help see them through to completion.

Commercial Parking Lots

We aren’t lying when we say we are a leading Des Moines parking lot contractor. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you! 

Concrete Repairs

We are equipped to handle most minor concrete repair jobs and can help make slabs safer by grinding down uneven or raised edges.

Commercial Power Washing

Cleaning and Power Washing – Parking Lot Specialties cleans sidewalks, and of course, driveways. Our team members will take the time to meticulously spray the surface, making sure to not miss a spot.


Commercial Floor Sweeping

We can do a project of any size using a walk behind or ride on floor sweeper.

Commercial Signage

Exterior Signage – Handicap Signs, Stop Signs, Street Signs Etc

Street Cleaning

Clean up all dirt and debris using our Vacuum Street Sweeper. We haul all dirt and debris away from site.


We offer an array of services for airports.